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An Independent Business Associate is anyone who enters into an Independent Business Associate Application and Agreement with Olbali and the application is accepted by the company.
Once your application is accepted, purchase the Olbali Business Operating Kit, which includes sales support, training and training materials to help you get started, for $49. Then, you will receive products at wholesale prices and can then recruit and sign-up other Business Associates as part of the Olbali business opportunity. As a Business Associate builds his or her business organization, he or she is able to receive commissions as part of the Olbali compensation plan.
You may enroll as a Business Associate and be authorized, as an independent contractor, to sell Olbali products to customers, set up customers as Brand Fans and enroll other Business Associates.
You can purchase products for personal use and resell for a 20% profit, and you may recruit and build a sales organization and receive override commissions from your sales and those of your downline organization based on your qualified rank in the Olbali compensation plan.
The website is your unique business center. When you enrolled on your Enroller’s website, a new website was generated specific to you [replicated website]. This is where all of your orders are placed, your sales organization’s sales and enrolling is tracked, and your commissions are tabulated and paid. You can email your website address to potential customers so they can review Olbali services, business opportunities and enroll.
The term of this Agreement is one year. Unless otherwise directed by you or the Company, your account on file will be billed and the renewal process will happen automatically on your anniversary date (every year unless you terminate your Agreement). Under all circumstances, automatic billing or payment, the renewal fee must be received no later than 30 days after your anniversary date or the Company has the option to deactivate your status, and you will need to pay a reinstatement fee to become active again. In addition, the Company reserves the right to accept or reject your application for renewal and the renewal shall be deemed accepted if it has not been rejected in writing by the Company within 30 days of receipt of the renewal fee.
The renewal fee is for ongoing sales and marketing materials support in both written and electronic and online media formats, including product and service and training updates, website development, and maintenance and hosting, and accounting and technical support of management of your marketing sales activity.
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